Server Service

UMT / NCK Tool

Delivery Time Price
Huawei Module 2 Year Activation For UMT / NCK Tool [NEW USER Type Only] 1-12 Hours USD83.95USD
Ultimate Multi Tool 1 Year Activation 1-12 Hours USD23.575USD
Ultimate NCK Huawei Activation ( Unlimited ) Instant USD85.1USD
UMT Xiaomi Credits Pack 1-12 Hours USD9.2USD

Sony Unlock By Cable ( Reset Counter 0 Supported) [24/7 Real Time Instant]

Delivery Time Price
Sony Xperia (Network Unlock,0/255 Counter Reset) Instant USD21.563USD

DC-Unlocker and HCU credits

Delivery Time Price
Credits for existing user/reseller Instant USD0.69USD
Credits for new reseller Instant USD0.69USD
Credits for new user Instant USD0.69USD
Credits to dongle Instant USD0.69USD

ZXW Activation

Delivery Time Price
ZXW Online Account Activation (1 Year) Instant USD60.95USD

Miracle Samsung Unlock Credits

Delivery Time Price
Miracle samsung unlock credits Instant USD0.828USD

Easy-Box Credits Pack

Delivery Time Price
1000 pack Instant USD98.325USD
200 Pack Instant USD37.375USD

FTP Dongle Activation

Delivery Time Price
FTP Dongle Activation Instant USD37.95USD

SamKey ( Samsung Unlock Accounts Credits ) [24/7 Real Time Instant]

Delivery Time Price
SamKey Samsung Code Reader Credits New Account Any Quantity Instant USD1.61USD
Transfer credits to existing Samsung user Instant USD1.61USD

Samkey T-Mobile Special Credits [10,20,40,100,200,500,1000] [24/7 Real Time Instant]

Delivery Time Price
10 Credits Instant USD17.25USD
100 Credits Instant USD138USD
1000 Credits Instant USD1251.2USD
20 Credits Instant USD32.2USD
200 Credits Instant USD253USD
40 Credits Instant USD59.8USD
500 Credits Instant USD621USD

Z3X Credits [30,50 Credits Packs] [24/7 Real Time Instant]

Delivery Time Price
Z3x Samsung Refil Credits Instant USD1.265USD
Z3x Unlock Credits Pack 30 Pack Instant USD37.95USD
Z3x Unlock Credits Pack 50 Pack Instant USD63.25USD

Z3X Box Activation [Samsung,LG] [24/7 Instant]

Delivery Time Price
Z3X Box Samsung PRO Activation Instant USD63.25USD
Z3x LG Tool Activation Instant USD63.25USD
Z3x Sam Tool Activation Instant USD64.4USD

Chimera Tool Credits [Any qty,699,1199] [24/7 Real Time Instant]

Delivery Time Price
Chimera Tool Credits Instant USD0.127USD

Chimera License ( For Authunticator )

Delivery Time Price
ChimeraTool PRO Instant USD143.75USD
ChimeraTool Samsung Instant USD83.95USD

Gsm Server Team [ SigmaKey Pack 1,2,3] [24/7 Real Time Instant]

Delivery Time Price
Sigma Pack 1 Instant USD66.7USD
Sigma Pack 3 Activation Instant USD66.7USD
Sigma Pack 4 Activation Instant USD49.45USD
SigmaKey Huawei Edition Instant USD230USD
Sigmakey Pack2 Instant USD66.7USD

Octopus/Octoplus Server Credits [24/7 Real Time Instant]

Delivery Time Price
Create New octopus user Instant USD0.127USD
Octoplus Box Credits For Existing Users (Instant) 1-12 Hours USD0.127USD

Gsm Server Team [Octopus Samsung,LG,Frp Tool,Huawei Tool] [24/7 Real Time Instant]

Delivery Time Price
Octoplus FRP Tool Activation Instant USD49.45USD
Octoplus Huawei Tool Activation 1-12 Hours USD85.1USD
Octoplus Samsung Activation for Medusa PRO / Medusa Box Instant USD66.7USD
Octopus/Medusa Box LG Activation Instant USD72.45USD


Delivery Time Price
S-Module Activation for CS-Tool 1-2 Hours USD23USD

Uni-Android-Tool (UAT)

Delivery Time Price
Uni Android Tool 1 Year Activation Instant USD46USD
Uni Android Tool 1 Year Renewel Instant USD26.45USD

DC Unlocker Support Extension

Delivery Time Price
Support for 1 year Instant USD11.5USD
Support for 2 years Instant USD16.675USD

DC-Unlocker - Additional Feature Activation

Delivery Time Price
DC Phoenix activation Instant USD51.75USD
HCU activation for dongle Instant USD132.25USD
HCU for dongle who has valid support Instant USD92USD
HCU for dongle who have Phoenix and support Instant USD51.75USD
Unlimited FRP Unlock Instant USD51.75USD
Unlimited ZTE Icera firmware writer Instant USD23USD
ZTE Icera UNLIMITED direct unlock Instant USD23USD
ZTE Qualcomm and Huawei Hisilicon modems Flasher Instant USD23USD

NS Pro Activation (support renew)

Delivery Time Price
NS Pro Activation (support renew) 1-12 Hours USD23USD

NCK Dongle Yearly Activation [24/7 Real Time Instant]

Delivery Time Price
NCK BOX Yearly Activation 1-12 Hours USD23.575USD
Nck Dongle Activation (Yearly) Instant USD23.575USD

Inferno Tool Activation 1 Year

Delivery Time Price
Inferno Tool Activation [1 Year] Volcano Box only 1-12 Hours USD39.1USD
Inferno Tool Activation [1 Year] For inferno Key Instant USD37.95USD

GB-Key Activation 1 Year License, Huawei Module

Delivery Time Price
GB-Key Activation 1 Year License 1-12 Hours USD62.1USD
GB-Key Huawei Module 1-12 Hours USD62.1USD

LG Tool Credits For Setool

Delivery Time Price
LG Tool 100 Credits pack 1-12 Hours USD32USD
LG Tool 1000 Credits pack 1-12 Hours USD320USD

EFT Dongle Team

Delivery Time Price
EFT Dongle One Year Plan 1-12 Hours USD23USD
EFT Dongle Two Year Plan Instant USD31.05USD

Gsm Server Team [Bootloader Activation Code,SmartClip Pack4, Pack5 Activation

Delivery Time Price
Boot loader Activation Code 1-12 Hours USD21.85USD
Smart-Clip2 Pack 6 Activation Instant USD39.1USD
Smart-Clip2 Pack4 Activation 1-12 Hours USD63.25USD
Smart-Clip2 Pack5 Activation 1-12 Hours USD60.95USD

Miracle Activation's [1Year,FRP,Huawei]

Delivery Time Price
Miracle 1Year Account Activation 1-12 Hours USD24.438USD
Miracle FRP Pack Instant USD34.5USD
Miracle Xiaomi Credits for (Login Edition) Instant USD1.1USD

Furious Gold Credits [ Buy Activation Any pack] [24/7 Real Time Instant]

Delivery Time Price
Furious Gold Credits Instant USD1.035USD
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